Welcome to TOffeeAM ltd

TOffeeAM is a spinout of Imperial College of London specialised in Topology Optimisation for Additive Manufacturing. We license our in house code TOffee.

During these years the research that generated TOffee has been recognised by several prizes, such as Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, Techcelerate prize, Amazon AWS Programmable 2018, Amelia Earhart Prize.

After collaborating with some of world leading companies in AM,  the code is now available for licensing.

TOffee allows the robust multiphysics optimization for fluid and heat transfer in complex configurations. TOffee has been used to design robust geometries less affected by uncertainties due to our experience in Uncertainty Quantification.

The code has been validated with experimental and computational high fidelity simulations.

The heat transfer capabilities of TOffee allows the code to be efficient and accurate for aerospace applications.

TOffeeAM closed a seed round with IQCapital and EF (as pre-seed investors) and we are now hiring!

Heat Exchanger Designed by TOffee
3D Valve Without Moving Parts Designed by TOffee