About us

TOffeeAM has been founded by M Pietropaoli, A Gaymann and F Montomoli

CEO F. Montomoli: Reader at Imperial College of London, Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow, several years of industrial experience/collaboration in Oil&Gas and Aerospace.

COO M. Pietropaoli: EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow for Design for Additive and AI, obtained his PhD in 2018 at Imperial College of London, CDT in Fluids. As background Marco is a mathematician.

CTO A. Gaymann: Amelia Earhart Fellow and EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow, she obtained her PhD in 2020 at Imperial College London. As formation, she obtained a MEng in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College of London.


Thanks to the sponsors above for supporting the UQLab of Imperial College, where TOffee comes from